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Milton, FL, USA
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Mom of 3 month old and 6 yr old girls. I breast fed my first girl for one year. I plan to breast feed the 2nd girl for 2 years. I am on a restrictive diet from the beginning of pregnancy until I finish breast feeding. All of my milk is frozen right after pumped or by the end of the day. I have about 100oz at $1 per oz I am willing to part with right now but the number is steadily increasing week after week.
The following items I do not consume or take: caffeine, alcohol, medications, drugs, vaccines, peanuts, fermented foods, vegetables, spices, citrus, nightshades, natural flavors, MSG, soy, dairy.
The following items I do consume on a daily or weekly basis: 100% grass fed beef, pasture game meat, organic organ meat, organic water chilled chicken, pastured duck eggs, pastured chicken eggs, antibiotic/hormone free pork (sometimes organic pastured if I can afford), watermelon, melons, organic berries except strawberries.
I cook all of my meals and use cast iron and stainless steel cookware.
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