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I am looking to make a bulk purchase of milk from anyone interested in selling for nutritional purposes.

I have been purchasing from OTB for almost five years and can supply references from the last seller, who recently stopped producing after two years when her baby transitioned to a solid diet.

Ideally, a high fat diet, organic fruits/vegetables, complex carbs and quality proteins (red meat, fish, chicken) is preferred. I'm ok with light drinker smoker and/or cannabis user and know some moms dump milk expressed after consuming these...but I'm fine with any or all in moderation. Please don't discard it!

Low sugar diet is unrealistic but would be great.

At the same time, I cannot accept any milk from moms that have received ANY Covid-19 vaccinations, boosters or on any prescription medications, steroids, anti-inflammatories or really anything that came out of the world's pharma factories or medical industry. No offense meant to any health care workers out there.

Nutritional supplements, vitamins and things of that nature are fine.

Fresh or frozen is fine. Please let me know the age of the milk or estimated age and how much you are interested in selling. I live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago and willing to drive up to 500 miles to avoid shipping if that works for you...possibly farther depending on the quality of the milk. Paypal or cash is fine. Price negotiable based on volume.

Let me know if you have any questions.
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