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Fountain Valley, CA, United States
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I spent 4yrs preparing my body for pregnancy by changing my diet, changing my habits, exercising, losing weight, removing chemicals and fragrance from my home, etc. I finally held a pregnancy beyond 12wks only to hear a genetic diagnosis deemed "incompatible with life." But despite the diagnosis (and against all odds), the lifestyle changes I made allowed for a healthy pregnancy and she made it the full 9mos. My sweet baby girl blessed us with 17 days in the NICU before going to heaven. When God kept increasing my milk supply despite me dropping down to only 4 pumps a day, I figured somebody else's precious baby must need it. Finding the little one who needs it, not only brings some healing to this Mama's heart, but gives my sweet girl's life purpose. I'm hoping to find that little one here and prove Ellie's 17 days were compatible with someone's life.

1. Orange County, CA
2. $1/oz
3. Local pickup or US shipping (250oz+); PayPal only.
4. Thyroid support Rx: NP Thyroid 30mg
My natural doctor carefully selected these supplements for breastfeeding: Calcium, Magnesium, VitD, DHA, B complex, Prenatal, Probiotic, Iron, Folate.
5. Labs available
6. No Dietary restrictions
7. Non-drinker/No nicotine/No drug use/No second-hand exposure.
8. Baby born 1-23-24
9. All milk is immediately deep-frozen after pumping. Dated 2/22/24 thru current date.

Available to mothers only. If any mother has to bring their little one for milk pickup, I'll give an additional 100oz FREE after purchasing 250oz (first time only). Ongoing relationship preferred.

Absolutely No Adult Wet Nursing, No Pictures, No Videos.
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